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If you would like to request a template for a particular product, please let us know. If you're not familiar with how certain printed pieces fold or are assembled, a template can be very helpful in the design stage of a project to ensure it is laid out correctly for online printing and finishing processes.

Technical Help for Online Printing

Aqueous Coating: Coating in a water base and applied like ink by a printing press to protect and enhance the printing underneath.

Bindery: Usually a department within a printing company responsible for collating, folding and trimming various printing projects.

Bleed: Printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming.

CMYK: Abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the four process colors.

Coverage: Extent to which ink covers the surface of a substrate. Ink coverage is usually expressed as light, medium or heavy.

Creep: Phenomenon of middle pages of a folded signature extending slightly beyond outside pages. Also called feathering, outpush, push out and thrust.

Crossover: Type or art that continues from one page of a book or magazine across the gutter to the opposite page. Also called bridge, gutter bleed and gutter jump.

Die Cut: To cut irregular shapes in paper or paperboard using a die.

DPI: Considered as "dots per square inch," a measure of output resolution in relationship to printers, imagesetters and monitors.

Finish: (1) Surface characteristics of paper. (2) General term for trimming, folding, binding and all other post press operations.

GSM: The unit of measurement for paper weight (grams per square meter).

Imposition: Arrangement of pages on mechanicals or flats so they will appear in proper sequence after press sheets are folded and bound.

Point: (1) Regarding paper, a unit of thickness equating 1/1000 inch. (2) Regarding type, a unit of measure equaling 1/12 pica and .013875 inch (.351mm).

Proof: Test sheet made to reveal errors or flaws, predict results on press and record how a printing job is intended to appear when finished.

Spot Color or Varnish: One ink or varnish applied to portions of a sheet, as compared to flood or painted sheet.

UV Coating: Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.

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